Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

And, if you need to learn the rules of the Jungle, you must live in the Jungle. Live, breathe and eat what the nature provides. You start with minimal resources anyway. The objective is to make good use of the resources provided by the eco-system. Learn the eco-system. The most important thing in the initial days is to get used to the eco-system. The new set of pathogens, different food, climate and creatures. It is these initial days that makes or breaks you. Once you weather the storm, you start getting acclimatized. The bacterias in your gut will change to accommodate digestion of different food. Your immune system will change.

Best of all, your so called intuition will change. You develop a Jungle sense of your own. You will be enamored with wild, rippling muscles and stamina required to participate in the eco-system. Your energy levels will be up. A brand new 'You'. It is this sense of feeling you must crave for...

The transition for some is painful. There is NO such thing as, "Ohhh, I shall go back to the city for some time and when I am feeling OK, I shall then return back to the Jungle...".

"Ohhh, I shall go back to the corporate life for some time and when the conditions are right i shall return back to start-up..."

I admit, its not this extreme (of course many die in the Jungle. But many more die in the city relatively... or live like deads...). I admit it does sound naive and yes your choices are always open. The metaphor is a different food for thought...

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