Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are we 'Life' Challenged?

meaning of lifeRegardless of our supreme abilities as mammals, living life seems to be a challenge for most of us. We complicate and procrastinate things like we shall live forever, in the end only to die like we have never lived. Why is it so difficult to lessen the luggage? adding more and more of inanimate desires which slows us down, chokes us and strips us all of true joy.

Jealousy, greed, awry, hatred, lust; these have never seemed to have rejuvenated anything ever, yet we internalize them. Vicious these parasites are, for once they hang on to us, they do deplete life before we know it.

Unconditional love, it seems, has become a poet’s semantic. Hopeless romantics are despised. To slow down to watch the sunset is abstained. Boundless laughter is thought to be frivolous. New-perspectives are sedated and made to fall back in line of the old. Different is feared. To start-up is considered dreadful. Are we programming ourselfs to gravitate towards getting stuck in a surreal state of gloom?

Wondrous encounters with the elements, sunshine on our face, a dip in the serene lake, wholesome fresh fruits, playful and indeterminate conversations with the kids, being impregnate with curiosity, to get up and run; free and wild. Just the sound of these words are so full of life. In order to “one-fine-day” achieve such ecstasy, we seem to abandon the very same, “today”.

Life’s compromises are just that. Compromising on life.


Thursday, October 06, 2011

Heavens Will be More Perfect.

I feel naked. Naked to the fact that death as a milestone does apply to Gods as well. I do not know if it is true, that death is a destination, for, in my culture and religion, I have been fostered to believe that death is just the beginning. The beginning of the new, the beginning of the momentum that you may have set in due course of your life.

I do not have the privilege to claim that I know or understand Steve Jobs. But I have the colossal honor to have lived in his times and to be impacted with sheer excellence of his legacy. The legacy for me is not the products that he marshalled, nor the business that he built, nor the empire that he reigned on.

The legacy, for me, is something more astute to the fact that being a fearless heretic of an idea, an idea that strongly resounds with the “why” of existence more than any other ruminations, is the most potent wisdom that empowers paradigm shifting creations.

A man who was given birth only to get adopted, who dropped out of college at 17 post self interrogation of the value for such expensive education paid through the savings of working class parents, to have slept on the floor of friend's dorm and to have been fed by the deposits of coke bottles when there was no money for food, who walked 7 miles once a week for one good meal. For such a man to be in romance with aesthetics of life is something astonishing, but not unimaginable.

What is unimaginable is the passion with which such aesthetics was pursued, unsettling to anything sub-optimal, relentless in the pursuit of the pristine, fearless in his advocacy of what should-be than what was assumed necessary, never bowing down to anything mediocre. Feared, respected, revered, worshipped. For someone who even death, it seems, asked permission 6 years back.

Uncompromising and resolute towards perfection. A perfect life, a perfect death and a symmetrically perfect legacy. iSalute.