Sunday, October 17, 2010

What is fair ?

Life they say has a mind of its own. You may be the protagonist but not the hero. Dreams may not come true. Have tried and failed. Life is not fair.

But, Fairness has nothing to do with working on your dreams, even if you do not succeed. Standing up for who you are is one thing life cannot touch.

You know there is certain death. But will you stop living life ?

I am getting sore of hearing to excuses by well meaning people (whom i admire professionally) having amazing ideas and vibrant dreams which can change the world. Your If-only-this and but-only-that is harassing me in the arguments. Please stop. I can feel you dying a slow death. You are in pain. Is that fair ?

Show-up, walk the talk, live the dream. Get started. Now...


The Marketing Consultant said...

Nice. Straight from the moment's thoughts. Can realte to what you've written. Wonder why you haven't posted since.

Preetham V V said...

Glad you can relate with it... Need to take some time off for writing (Or need to break this lack of discipline)... Surely will try :)