Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Distribution of Intention

On one of the networks 'India Leadership' on linkedIn, I did come across a interesting question as follows: "Tens and thousands of millionaires and millions of hungry/poor people in India!! How can this contradiction exist?"

My thoughts: The "distribution" of "Intention" needs to be fixed. If 'rice' is an intention, then we need to fix the distribution problems which amounts to 45% of wastage as per stats. If 'positive thought' is an intention, we need to enable effective distribution of this to reach to enough people who can make this actionable (Lynch pins). If 'money' is an intention, then we need to hold the distribution of it accountable, that, they have done enough research to economize and invest in important problems (as against urgent problems as well). if 'leadership' is an intention, we need to hold the democracy as a collective system of distribution to elect and hold these leaders accountable. Why? because, hunger, pain and suffering are viral. Their efficiency to distribute and replicate by far outweigh the positive systems that are in place in the eco-system.

Can this hold true for the "product start-up" debate as well ? I think so. The distribution of Intention is the biggest problem we as a country are facing now to enable positive sustainable eco-systems. Here is a link on those thoughts.

Misery loves company.

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