Monday, April 20, 2015

Free is Blasphemy. Freedom is not.

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
The Hindjudchriaslams, a very wide spread religious group who are know to be extreme thinkers are offering free-food for poor christians of the developing world along with 'conditional' sermons and conversions as part of the free food.

This has created large debates with two groups of people.

One of the groups argues that offering free-food which is basically deep fried potatoes along with hastily cooked pig liver (which is available locally in abundance as a by product) and sugar water to the poor christians which consists of trans fat, high cholesterol, high sodium and completely unbalanced diet is not only unethical, but sermons and conversions is just plain wrong.

The other group argues that any food is better than no food and in the short term this should be ok!! Also what is the harm in a little sermon? after all, the poor christians shall exercise free-will not to eat the food or attend the sermons if need be!

The funny part is, both the groups who are arguing for or against the free food offering is rich, well fed, has no sense of ground reality, arm-chair critics who has never experienced hunger or what it means to be poor.

Better yet, with large marketing budget, the Hindjudchriaslam foundation is able to create propaganda about its benevolence and good intents.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no voice of the poor christians heard !!

The problem with zero-rating or or any such foundations, even if the intent was partly benovelant but not fully thought through on the repercursions of free markets, is that, there is no proof of the pudding yet. Its been 5 years now !

Free Internet. Free as in freedom. At any cost.

I only used the religions connotation for effect. If not poor christians, feel free to replace with poor hindus or sikh or muslims. The spirit does not change.