Friday, March 12, 2010

What will you do ?

"What would you do if your were the last person on earth?" - A simple question.

Most of the people whom I interacted with on this question, responded with the following set of emotions: Despair, Attachment, Experience, Learning from the past... Deep brow, Thoughtful, Effort to reinstate the past.

Now I asked a different question to different set of people

"What will you do if you were the first person on earth?" - Simple again

This time around, the answers portrayed Desire, Hope, Passion, Trying things... Open, Thoughtful, Willingness to create the new.

Try this your self. Ask a few.

Its perplexing and amazing how much of a difference a change in the worldview makes. In both cases you were alone in the world. The thought of end-of-the-world or beginning-of-the-new made such a vast difference in the way people perceived how they would behave.

What will you do if its your first-job or last ? your first assignment or last? Your first start-up, will this be your last ?

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