Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I hope I am unique.

I love the concourse of warm fuzzy experiences, where in the first minute, I expose my underbellies to opinion-makers to strip my dignity through insipid dialogues on the tube, tactfully channelizing my anger into endless debates on policy making and death penalty for the brutal rape in Delhi. While in the next minute, jumping into a catchy tune of "Jho tera hai woh mera hai, jho mera hai woh tera..." advertisement jingles brand washing me, while reaching out for my pickel and pappad.  I love to light that candle 'showcasing' my empathy. I love drama and platitudes, of terrorism and communal violence and nudity and India being stripped of its virtues.
I hate to get off my ass and make any effort on cultural revisions (Societal, Political, Behavioral, Moral or otherwise). I love to write such blogs which will bring no change whatsoever. The truth is that, I love 'ME' and my passionate debates in a complex nuanced way, and how elegantly I portray them. I will NOT lead by example. I think I am an exceptional argumentative Indian.
I really really hope that you are NOT me.