Tuesday, December 06, 2011

What did you lust for when you were tired or turned-on?

Honestly tell me, have you ever wanted to have sex when you are really tired, have a headache and beat-down? or did you just wanted to lay-dead and sleep? How about aspiring for Rancheros Enchilada (or your favorite dish) when you had fever and tummy pain? If you answered this with "Are you freaking, out of your mind?", you are part of a large group of the sane population.

Now, also tell me. Did you care for how remarkably awesome your bed should be for you to lay-dead and sleep over? Or even cared about whether Katrina Kaif promoted the Crocin you popped in? If your answer is a “No” again, you are rest assured that you confirm with a large group out there.
The point is? Even when your product is remarkably sexy, curvaceous and the most lustful creation that you may have created, if your target segment is tired and beat-down (or in pain), then you fail selling sex. It does not matter if you drop your going-rate (price), engage in longer foreplay (dedicated pre-sales and program structure elements), stay back longer (more for less) etc... Instead, focus on selling them a simple sleep aid or a quick massage if they are tired (deal fatigue or some similar syndrome?) or honestly leave them alone for some time if you are not addressing the pain. Again, If you do not have passionate early adopters (and/or, you are not addressing a consumer pain), then do not bother on further expenses on cosmetics, bikinis and fad-diets.

What about when your consumer segment is extremely turned on? (The other extreme lets say. Like when they are pumped on testosterone or probably drunk), do they go choosing between a hot blonde versus a brunette bomb? Intuition and trends says, “No”, they do not. They will probably settle down with who ever is the most convenient to access (as anything may do in that state). Even here, overtly sexing up your product in the name of competition may not help. Focusing on just “being available” when needed does the job.

The problem arises when the consumer is in neither of the states and they are sober. This is when they have enough time to haggle on the price, services, duration, special-attention, shape, size, texture, whatever (the value conscious state). This is where you better be “remarkable” or you shall be soon off the streets. Being remarkable need not have to play on the deadly sins theme at all (no, you do not have to be a hooker). Just choosing the core business values and doing it well is good enough.

Being remarkable requires your ability to make an impression in a way that the consumer will speak about you in their casual conversations. Something like, “That girl is one of the kindest soul I have come across. I find it cute in a way” or “He is so chivalrous and decent, a breathe of fresh air”. These casual conversations dictates that they remember you for your core-values, as against "Oh, she has the hottest assets you know". Having and maintaing hot assets is far more difficult than being kind, and is not sustainable in the long run. If you are note worthy during a casual conversation on your business values, you have made the right consumer impressions for a long-term organic growth.

Do you know what state your market segment is in? Have you figured out your core principles?