Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are we 'Life' Challenged?

meaning of lifeRegardless of our supreme abilities as mammals, living life seems to be a challenge for most of us. We complicate and procrastinate things like we shall live forever, in the end only to die like we have never lived. Why is it so difficult to lessen the luggage? adding more and more of inanimate desires which slows us down, chokes us and strips us all of true joy.

Jealousy, greed, awry, hatred, lust; these have never seemed to have rejuvenated anything ever, yet we internalize them. Vicious these parasites are, for once they hang on to us, they do deplete life before we know it.

Unconditional love, it seems, has become a poet’s semantic. Hopeless romantics are despised. To slow down to watch the sunset is abstained. Boundless laughter is thought to be frivolous. New-perspectives are sedated and made to fall back in line of the old. Different is feared. To start-up is considered dreadful. Are we programming ourselfs to gravitate towards getting stuck in a surreal state of gloom?

Wondrous encounters with the elements, sunshine on our face, a dip in the serene lake, wholesome fresh fruits, playful and indeterminate conversations with the kids, being impregnate with curiosity, to get up and run; free and wild. Just the sound of these words are so full of life. In order to “one-fine-day” achieve such ecstasy, we seem to abandon the very same, “today”.

Life’s compromises are just that. Compromising on life.


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