Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What are you waiting for?

So, said the reporter, "Excuse me... What's your opinion on the meat shortage?" to a nearby standing clique which had an American, a Russian, a Chinese and an Israeli. Now, the ability to perceive the reporter's question was preceded with the idioms and metaphors of the culture and economic context of the individuals who were from their respective countries, as usual.

- "What's a Shortage?" queried the American. In the land of excess this was an alien word.

- "What's meat?" quizzed the Russian, for, he had not heard of any for a long time.

- "What's an Opinion?" wondered the Chinese. As much as what had been the rule of the land.

- "What's an Excuse?" inquired the Israeli. That's something they were never used to !

Now, there was an Indian passing by who happened to overhear the Reporters interrogation. *The Indian understood the question perfectly well*. 

The point is? Well we Indians as startups and Innovators happens to be in the context & economy that allows us to be blessed to understand all the connotations of that question. Yet, we must hope that it would be a blessing, the day we stop understanding "excuses". This shall probably be the day we accelerate the process of Innovation.

Whats your execuse to not start-up? or to not push the boundaries? or to not stop whining about lack of eco-system? or...

(Attribution: this context is a adaptaion of Mike Leigh's Jewish play "Two Thousand Years")

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