Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is your Story?

First, check this video out :

You had no clue what he was singing right? (Unless of course you are a Korean or understand the language). Did the song still move you? I bet it did.

If you had just jumped right into the song sans the story, would it have moved you enough? captured the same interest? Maybe... But the song within the context of the story is a sure shot winner.

Lesson? A good story which people can 'emote' with, almost always sets a strong context for any performance. Be it a talent show, brand, product or a start-up. It does not have to be a sad story. It does not have to be a powerful story either. What a story does is establish trust right from the word go. Empathy is the shortest route to trust.

Isn't 'Trust' the most important faculty when you social-proof? It seems to be the strongest bond that carries people, product, brand and companies through rough weather.

Stories about people who built the product, the journey, country of origin, culture, happy moments shared, rough moments endured, individual or group struggles and victories are all seemingly the levers that can be very humbly sprinkled into the context. Being honest and sincere about it will surely set the tone, intonation, cadence and the 'pitch' right.

It helps to be inclusive. Involve your customers into the story. Make them part of your story, their struggles, their victories, their pains and joys told from the perspective of your brand.

This is what the Experience Economy should be all about. Isn't it?

What's your opinion?

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