Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quantama Hiring Call - In Retrospect

In retrospect, this call for action on Venture Woods brought in the highest calls and reactions for job application to Quantama on March 2009.

The Job posting excerpt:
I am looking for people with entrepreneurial bent of mind to join the founding team of a mobile proximity company. I have the business case validated and have one of the largest retailers in India showing Intent to implement when the product is ready… Angel rounds are being vetted and talks in process… Have product case and prototypes in development…

The markets we are addressing are emergent and pervasive… A distant fortune is heard of…

I promise you that your experience shall be cast with risks, hardship, pain, sweat and blood. The journey will be turbulent given the economic times.

If you see providence where others see peril, do get in touch with me for more detail and I shall be glad to consider a sitting…

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